Our Database

12MM B2B records in-house, keyword searchable by geography, employee & revenue size, title, industry, technology install, interest, & predictive behavior such as likelihood to purchase your technology.

We’re strong in every major job function, industry, company size & country around the World.

75% of our database is Enterprise IT. We’re as effective in Marketing, Sales, Finance, Operations, Support, & HR, and SMB segments of functional areas above.

Most of our leads are delivered with direct dial or extension #, which means your inside sales reps (BDRs, SDRs, etc) should appreciate reaching decision makers @ their desk.

Lead Generation Products

Leveraging your content, LeadSwell produces high quality Content Syndication leads:

– Whitepaper Syndication
– Webinar Promotion
– Account-Based Marketing
– Tiered/Waterfall Leads
– International Programs

Every campaign is intricately customized based on your targeting requirements. As we learn about how you’re presently generating leads, we’ll wrap our process around your existing work flow.

How We’re Unique

For over 20 years Matt Payne has been living & breathing B2B lead generation in San Francisco. His experience, database, process & dedication to quality give your lead generation programs the greatest likelihood of success vs. anyone else in our industry.

In addition to delivering high quality leads, we’ll show you how to convert our leads. Every customer receives recommended scripting & touch points required for efficient conversion.

Because we produce all of our leads in-house, you’ll receive above industry quality @ well below market prices points.

“You’ve got the peso, you’ve got the say so.” – one of Matt’s former VP Sales